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In the almost 6 months since I started this photoblog some of the pictures posted here were related to each other more than others. Most of the time they were related because they were taken at some common moment in time, for instance during a trip, or when experimenting with lights. I’ve grouped them together because I wanted to tell a story, or simply because I felt it was appropriate for them to be posted under the same label, to share a common identity.

This page aims to list all the series on my photoblog. Each time I’ll start a new series, I’ll add a link to the first post of the series and a short description of it. Here are the series that you can find right now on my photoblog:

  • Zilele Bucureștiului – this year’s city anniversary was an occasion for quite some interesting events. Pictured here is the Bryan Adams concert and the lasers and fireworks shows.
  • Feroviar – missing a train can turn into an interesting experiment.
  • Tea-time story – a studio lighting experiment turned imaginary tale about a tea set in a quest for a lost treasure.
  • Snowboarders – Snowboarders took advantage of the days of true winter in Bucharest to show their skills (and have some fun, too) in the Tineretului park
  • Valea Doftanei – A half-day photo trip to Valea Doftanei with some of the people over from Fototarget.
  • Expose — The opening – Pictures from the first exhibition of the Expose group.
  • The black and white week – sometimes colors are just too much to handle.
  • Noaptea albă în Bucureşti [White night in Bucharest] – this series of 12 shots was taken during the “White night in Bucharest”. My first night street photography experience 😉 .
  • Tuig – photos from the performance of “Salto Vitale” by the Tuig street theater troupe. My first “serious” shooting with my new Olympus E-510.
  • Monday morning motivational – in fact this post is a photo series all by itself. I was having a hard time at the time, and while digging through my photo archive this idea just came to me 🙂 .

Written by miChou

9-Dec-2007 at 20:38

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