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Marcu 8:43

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„Oricine voieşte să vină după Mine să se lepede de sine, să-şi ia crucea şi să-Mi urmeze Mie” [Marcu 8:34]

Written by miChou

30-Mar-2008 at 12:31

4 Responses

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  1. Amazing images. I really enjoy your photography and recently added your link to my new site, ILovePhotoBlogs.com. Keep up the great work and check out my site when you have a moment.


    1-Apr-2008 at 5:01

  2. Asta e poza cliseu pentru cine ajunge la Rasnov. 🙂 Am si eu una asemanatoare 😀


    11-Apr-2008 at 19:02

  3. ow well.. am făcut şi eu cât am putut 🙂


    11-Apr-2008 at 20:20

  4. minunat


    14-May-2008 at 18:45

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