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[Tea-time story] The elder of the red-sea-shells

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It was almost evening when he finally reached the shores of the Red Sea. The elder of the red-sea-shells and his two children stepped forward to greet the ”Stranger-with-the-hair-like-the-sea”…

[Tea-time story] The red sea

…and everyone stepped out of the waves to see the two talk.

[Tea-time story] The red sea

Written by miChou

22-Feb-2008 at 0:00

4 Responses

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  1. and? 🙂 tell us more 🙂
    nice story…


    22-Feb-2008 at 11:52

  2. Love it!!! Thanks for the smile 🙂


    22-Feb-2008 at 12:32

  3. Dom’le dragă… mă bucur că încă se mai filmează.
    Sper că va fi cu happy-end când va fi. 😉

    Marian Deacu

    23-Feb-2008 at 19:37

  4. Păi mai durează cel puţin încă vreo 2 episoade. M-am gândit cum o să fie finalul, dar trebuie să văd cum ajung la el 😀


    23-Feb-2008 at 23:22

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