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[Tea-time story] The twins

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The twins decided to split so they could find the treasure faster. It was the first time they were going to be so far apart, but the desire to find the golden chest of the Earl was too strong.

[Tea-time story] The twins


Written by miChou

19-Feb-2008 at 0:17

Posted in flash, light, story, studio, teapot, white

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  1. Aici este o intreaga telenovela 😉
    Desi imi aduce aminte de “Prison Break” (care nu este telenovela) sper ca nu va urma “Fuga in Panama” 🙂

    Ai achizitionat lumini de studio?


    19-Feb-2008 at 13:59

  2. Well, „achizţionat” şi „lumini de studio” mi se pare cam mult spus 😛 Am reuşit să meşteresc un suport pentru montarea pe trepied a unui blitz Hitacon mai vechi (+ cablu de sincronizare). Dacă adaugi şi un difuzor artizanal se pot obţine efecte chiar interesante 🙂


    19-Feb-2008 at 16:48

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