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[The bulb experiment] Where the story ends

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The stage

This shot concludes the «Bulb experiment» series. Everything started about 2 weeks ago, when I had to change a few (3) light bulbs around my room. I didn’t throw them right away, and as they layed on the table, I thought it would make an interesting subject to shoot. The second day I still wasn’t convinced to throw them to the garbage bin, so I added the string 😀 .

I’m quite pleased because what started as just having a little photographic fun turned out to quite a few good shots, some of which I like particularly much (namely «Suspendu», «No victory» and «Points of view» – in no particular order).

The next week there will be some shots from a trip to the outskirts of the Bucharest, by the railroad, so stay tuned! 😉


Written by miChou

11-Nov-2007 at 0:00

Posted in dark, shadow, story

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