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Chestnut leaf

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Aesculus hippocastanum

This one was taken using the built-in flash. The result wasn’t as bad as I though initially, and after a little playing curves it came out pretty decent, if you ask me 🙂 .

Today’s picture will be the last nature shot for the coming week or so, as I have made some indoors experiments. Thus, the next few posts will be dedicated to this series which I call «The bulb experiment» 😉

On a different matter, GIMP 2.4 is out for both Linux and Windows (and I think Mac too, but that needs some checking) and it rocks! 😀

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31-Oct-2007 at 0:00

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Autumn colors

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Autumn colors

For all the little details, see large 😉 .

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30-Oct-2007 at 0:00

50mm play

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Tufănele (?)

Autumn flowers

After some tinkering with a scavenged 50mm/1.8 Helios 77M on M42 mount I finally managed to get it working with my Olympus digital camera. Get it working is a way of speaking, as I have to set up almost everything manually with it mounted on the camera (exposure is the only part on which I get feedback from the camera body).

However, photography with it is quite an interesting experience, both because of the lens itself (I dreamed of such a bright prime for quite some time) and because of all the things I have to take care of (of which manual focus is the most difficult 🙂 ). It’s not even by far as optically perfect as the kit Zuiko’s are, but this somwhat contributes to it’s overall charm.

I hope I’ll be able to come back soon with some more shots made with the 50mm Helios (ideally some portraits, but right now I kinda lack models – hint, hint 😀 ).

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29-Oct-2007 at 0:00

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States of an apple

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States of an apple

Better seen large.

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28-Oct-2007 at 0:00

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Can you spot the ant? 😀

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27-Oct-2007 at 0:00

‘Round the bulb

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Dusty lights

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26-Oct-2007 at 0:00

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Painting with clouds

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Paiting with clouds

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25-Oct-2007 at 0:00

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